ATCWCO for Plastic Woven bags factory :


  This project aims to realize an added value to the gross National Product by utilizing the locally produced Poly Propylene . Also it aims to expand its production to 20 million plastic bags annually, when working in full capacity to satisfy the local market needs



  Alfarachem Pharmaceutical Industries


The project aims to improve the local health services by rehabilitating the infrastructure of the medical field in Sudan

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  Ibn Hayyan Factory for Caustic Soda

The company established Ibn Hayyan Factory for Caustic Soda as an integrated industrial plant for producing caustic soda, Hydrochloric acid, & Chlorine ..


      ATCWCO for Cement Industry

The Sudanese cement is known for its wide popularity and typical specifications, which surpass all kinds of cement in Africa and the Middle East, but this excellent production does not cover the local consumption, especially that Sudan having a huge constructional prosperity. Therefore entering the investment in the field of cement industry is deemed to be of the guaranteed financial incomes for a country such as Sudan. Hence The Advanced trading and Chemical co. has constructed this company to invest in this field at a cost of 18 million dollars.



      ATCWCO for Railway Enterprises:

ATCWCO company for railways enterprises and heavy equipments is a subsidiary company with a working capital of about 40 million US Dollars. It has been established to play an essential role in rehabilitating railways in Sudan with the cooperation of the Sudanese Railways Organization.


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