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  The company depends on an efficient well qualified team working staff, which having a wide technical and administrative experience. The company takes good care for its Human Resources by improving their capabilities through efficient training programs inside and outside Sudan at Arabian and foreign associations.
  ATCWCO company includes many departments Commercial ; Financial; Projects; Business Development; Medical Engineering and Human Resource department.

Board of Directors:
1. Dr. Abdullah Hassan Ahmed Albashir - Chairman
2. Eng. Issam Omar Shami Vice Chairman
3. Mr. Hassan Ahmed Taha Member
4. Eng. Mohammad Al Hassan Abdullah Member
5. Mr. Mohammad Ahmed Mousa Member
6. Mr. Badr Eddine Mahmoud Member
7. Mr. Mohammad Salah Eddine Member
8. Mr. Osman Mohammad Al Hassan Member
9. Mr. Mohammad Bushra Ibrahim General Manager , Member & Reporter.ets.

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Executive Management:
Mr. Mohamed Bushra - General Manager

Eng. Ibrahim Khatim Executive Manager

Mr. Zahir Ali Hamad Financial Manager

Mr. Ahmed A. Rahman Project Manager

Eng. Mohamed Alamin Farouk Business Development Manager

Eng. Khalid Hamad - Commercial Manager

Mr. Atif Essa Manager of Medical Engineering Department.

Mr. Mohamed Bushra

General Manager

Eng. Ibrahim Khatim

 Executive Manager

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